You will always have a friend in Bali

Bali is known as the land of 20 000 temples and spectacular beaches. Millions of visitors come to Bali to witness for themselves the breathtaking views of untarnished sunsets, intricate Balinese architecture, splendid culinary delights that will appeal to even fussy eaters and friendly Balinese faces that smile through adversities and hardships.

In Bali, farming was one of the main modes of survival for Balinese people before the Age of Tourism. Many young people like me work in the tourism industry hoping for a better livelihood than our forefathers. I work full time at a hotel in the busy Kuta district where I get to meet people who come to Bali awaiting to discover the magic of Bali.

For the past eight years, I moonlight as guide and transport provider. I consider this as more of a pastime than a way to supplement my income because I love my homeland Bali and I hope all that come to Bali will leave on a sweet note and plenty of happy memories. Unlike tour operators, I don't have different tour packages, my customers will usually tell me what they prefer to do and I will do my outmost best to accommodate them. After all these years as a guide, I'd loved to keep in touch with them and hopefully see them again in the near future.

Bali is still one of the few places in the world where one can see people and nature living together harmoniously as one.
An integral part of Balinese culture is the practice of giving. Giving to the gods, family members, friends and society. Though the Bali bombings had marred Bali's reputation as a sanctuary of relaxation, I assure you, Bali still has plenty to offer.

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